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Fiona’s Strategies for Surviving a Red Eye Flight and Acing Your 9am Meeting

The red eye flight isn’t anyone’s favourite, however sometimes it is simply necessary to meet deadlines and make meetings. Our CEO, Fiona, is an experienced traveller and has compiled a few of her tips for surviving the red eye flight and acing your 9am meeting! Read more...

Written by Fiona Prosser
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Well, it’s time to talk about the red eye.

Let’s face it, trading your bed for a plane seat is an uncomfortable downgrade, but sometimes it’s just necessary. We all have busy schedules and deadlines to meet, even when it comes to our corporate travel.

I have been in the travel industry for many years and have been fortunate enough to travel, for both business and pleasure, on multiple occasions. Over this time, I have certainly travelled more than my fair share of red eye flights.

While I can’t guarantee a deep REM cycle sleep in such an inhospitable environment, I have put together a few of my tried and true strategies to ensure as much rest as possible while battling through a red eye flight. These tips will have you ready to ace your 9am meeting!

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

You do not want to be caught without while flying through the night.

The day of your flight, make sure you eat light meals and hydrate. This will simply assist you with relaxing and staying hydrated during your flight. Limiting caffeine will (hopefully!) help you fall straight asleep as soon as you sit in your chair.

A vital part of your preparation must also include contacting us so we can do our best to arrange a window seat for you!

Pack a goodie bag!

This show bag of in-flight essentials should include your favourite, healthy snacks. My go to snack? Almonds. Almonds are easily able to be stored in a small container. They are nutritious and won’t spike the blood sugar. I recommend avoiding plane food on an overnight flight as it is packed with preservatives and will bog you down the next day.

I ensure I carry lip balm, an eye mask, deodorant, a toothbrush, a large scarf that can be utilised as a blanket and my neck pillow. If you don’t have a neck pillow, a comfortable jumper that can be used as a make-shift pillow also works a treat. I also never forget my noise cancelling headphones. If you don’t have noise cancelling headphones, standard headphones or earplugs also work a treat.

My In-Flight Strategy

Once seated, I bunker down and get ready for some much needed shut eye. Nothing says “don’t talk to me” quite like headphones and an eye mask – so on they go! If I’m not sleeping, I will drink water whenever possible.

My secret in-flight strategy? Setting an alarm (on vibrate, to avoid disturbing anyone who may still be sleeping) for half an hour before my flight is due to land. This allows me sufficient time to wake up completely and freshen up before disembarking the flight.

My Wake Up Strategy

The chances are that you’ve landed at an un-godly hour after your red eye flight. I’ve been there countless times! I combat the associated lethargy by heading straight to freshen up. Trust me when I say even washing your face, combing your hair and brushing your teeth will have you feeling like a new person! After these essential steps, I will reapply makeup and change into my clothes for the day.

The next step is, perhaps, the most essential – COFFEE! I also enjoy an apple while taking a brisk walk in the fresh morning air. This walk around the block always clears my head and sets me up ready for my day.

Combined with a healthy breakfast and second coffee, if you need it, will have you ready to ace your 9am meeting!

Stay tuned for the Globetrotter Corporate team’s suggestions of the best coffee spots by Australian capital city!

Written by Fiona Prosser