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Globetrotter Partners with Concur    

We are pleased to announce that Globetrotter has joined the Concur Preferred Partner network.

We strive to consistently deliver the highest level of service to our clients and continually seek to innovate and improve the products and services we offer. Through our partnership with Concur, we have access to a wider network of technology and resources that we can leverage to meet your travel and expense needs.


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Concur’s suite of products provide a completely connected and automated spend management solution encompassing travel, expense, invoice, compliance and risk.  Integrated with Globetrotter’s service offering, we can identify additional ways to develop and optimize your travel program, including;

  • Reduced data leakage
  • Duty of care obligations for your employees,
  • Increased visibility into the true cost of travel and expense spend, and
  • Reduced T&E costs.

What Concur does:

Concur provides control and visibility into employee spend, together with the ability to enforce policy and compliance. It is all paperless—eliminating the need for manual, complicated spread sheets, and collecting volumes of receipts.

User-friendly and business-ready, Concur unlocks powerful insights that help businesses reduce complexity and see spending activity clearly. Concur enables you to:

  • Create, manage, submit and approve expense claims from your mobile.
  • Control and gain visibility into expense reports.
  • Integrate Google Maps for mileage claims.
  • Enforce policy compliance and fraud prevention.
  • Achieve productivity gains throughout your business.
  • Achieve a quick implementation and ROI.

Concur can help you:

Reduce costs

Reduce processing costs as much as 83%, while also cutting back on data entry or user errors and expense claim discrepancies.

Gain visibility for unique insight

Get real-time insight into the current state of your business spend – reduce fraud, improve supplier negotiations and make smarter decisions to control costs.

Improve employee satisfaction with flexibility

Reimburse your employees faster by decreasing your processing time. Give employees flexibility with a mobile app that lets them submit and approve expenses on the move; anytime, anywhere. Also improve compliance with your corporate T&E policy – and reduce costs by giving them a price-to-beat, and banking the difference.

Streamline GST reclaim

Identify all the GST credits you are entitled to. Partnering with Concur provides you with direct, consistent access to GST spent – before expenses are even submitted for reimbursement.  The result: a sophisticated and efficient GST credit claiming process on travel and entertainment expenses for your business.