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Introducing TripLingo!

Globetrotter is proud to partner with TripLingo to assist our clients whose employees travel internationally. TripLingo is a mobile application that assists travelers with the unique challenges related to international travel: language and cultural barriers, safety challenges and unique cost-saving opportunities. TripLingo was awarded the “Business Travel Innovation of the Year” by the Global Business Travel Association. Read more...

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International travel comes with its own unique set of challenges for both traveler and the enterprise alike. An inability to communicate can cause frustrations as simple as trying to speak to a taxi driver or as critical as speaking with a doctor or communicating a food allergy. With little effort, TripLingo helps travelers communicate with ease, understand local culture and ultimately get the job done.


TripLingo is the ultimate tool to help you be productive, safe and savvy during your next trip abroad with a of tools to help you navigate foreign countries. Find useful phrases with the interactive phrasebook and commit them to memory using the built-in flashcards, quiz mode or audio lessons. Use the voice translator for instant translation or even connect to a live translator. Built in learning tools make it easy to memorize phrases, and travel tools like the wi-fi dialer and tip calculator make it easy to travel smart.

The free version of TripLingo includes access to basic content in 13 languages, and a premium subscription gives you full access to over 2,000 phrases per language, unlimited use of the voice translator, full access to audio lessons and the dictionary, and more. Download the app today on the iTunes or Google Play appstores.


Essential Travel Tool
TripLingo is the ultimate tool for international travel, designed to meet the needs of demanding travelers as they encounter common obstacles abroad. TripLingo helps travelers stay safe, savvy and comfortable during international trips.

Avoid Faux Pas
Improve business results by building rapport with colleagues and avoid costly faux pas abroad with TripLingo’s crash course on local customs, etiquette and protocols for various situations.

More Satisfying Trips
Make the most of your trip and open up new experiences with the ability to interact with locals, avoid faux pas and better understand the local culture.

Connect With The Culture
Communicate naturally and use tools to help you travel with confidence and connect with people you encounter abroad.

Cultivate Trust
10% of the effort can get you 80% of the results- build trust abroad by learning basic phrases and understand the local culture.

Learning Tools
TripLingo includes a full suite of tools to help you quickly learn essential phrase. Leverage TripLingo’s interactive phrasebook, intelligent flashcards, an intuitive quiz mode and customizable audio lessons to learn to talk like a local.

Local Etiquette & Customs
TripLingo’s culture crash course keeps you up to speed on local etiquette, and the language guide makes communication a breeze.

Proprietary Technology
Nothing else comes close. TripLingo’s proprietary content includes over 50,000 unique phrases, 100,000+ professional audio files, and two pending patents.

Globetrotter & TripLingo

TripLingo helps enterprises reduce costs and ensure travelers are safe and productive traveling far from home. A suite of tools help travelers build trusting business relationships and establish rapport with foreign counterparts. Cost-saving tools help address hardÐtoÐreach areas like roaming charges and over-tipping. WithGlobetrotter partnering with TripLingo, we are able to give our travelers ongoing support with TripLingo.

Integrating TripLingo is a simple, cost-effective way to benefit travelers, travel managers and the enterprise as a whole, and to put a confident smile on the faces of travelers and customers alike.

Interested in learning more? Contact your Globetrotter Client Relations Manager or visit the TripLingo website!