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CAPA-ACTE Perth Corporate Travel Education Forum

Felicity was part of the panel discussing how corporate travel clients can reassess their costs at the CAPA Association of Corporate Travel Executives Perth Corporate Travel Education Forum. Read more. Read more...

Written by Felicity Neary
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This week, I had the pleasure of being on the panel at the Perth Corporate Travel Education Forum. This forum focused on the topic “Reassessing your travel costs: Realising savings in a challenging environment.”

Being on the panel at this forum was thought-provoking and challenging in that it increased my motivation to make Globetrotter Corporate even more forward-thinking.

We discussed how the engine room of the Australian economy has slowed and travel programs are having to adapt, how LCC and Full service airlines products are converging on short/medium haul and LCCs are growing into long-haul markets. We also identified key opportunities for corporates to make savings.

The panel also discussed:

  • Cost of procurement
  • Our greatest focuses – Pre travel/ during travel/ post travel
  • What we think future holds in terms of process
  • The topic of handheld – what is the market saying? Have we reached peak booking online?  Will Online decline, will it migrate to handheld, or something else?
  • They key drivers of air travel. Is it the cost of the ticket (it used to be/ is it still)/ type of ticket/ on time performance/ what impact do schedule changes have on a company’s air agreement?
  • Who has lower domestic fares – Qantas or VA?
  • Why does QF have a larger market share?
  • Whether we think an organisation go to market without an RFP
  • Integration of travel and expense What % of your customers.  What are the benefits.
  • Flexible vs rigid policies
  • Whether pre-authorisation is good or bad
  • Our perspective on the RBA’s new rules, which come into effect from Sep 1
  • Virgin Accelerate/ Qantas Acquire
  • High end charge/ credit cards
  • Lodge cards or card in hand
  • Virtual Cards
  • The maturity of the Australian corporate travel market place
  • The maturity of the Australian OBT market place

One of the most interesting things I took away from the panel was the Perth Airport update. Perth Airport are devising fantastic new initiatives that will change our whole experience with travelling. They are working to implement salary sacrificed parking options for FIFO workers and a dedicated Uber drop off and pick up zone. Work has commenced on the Forrestfield-Airport Link, which gives Perth Airport users a travel option five minutes faster than by car. Future Perth Airport expansion plans include a new international terminal, new Qantas terminal and additional runway, all located where the current international airport is.  The expansion will grow the capacity of Perth airport to 70,000 million, which is close to that of London Heathrow.

I would love to be able to discuss these panel items with you further. Please do not hesitate to call the Globetrotter office if you would like any information.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Written by Felicity Neary