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Staying fit while travelling with work

There aren’t too many downsides of travelling – even if it is for work rather than pleasure. But one of the sacrifices we are often all too ready to make is letting our fitness slide, and our waistline expand. Of course, it’s easy to tell ourselves that it’s just too hard. We’re out of routine, in a new place, on a tight schedule.

The truth is, it can be really simple. All you need is a little bit of motivation and some out-of-the-box thinking. That’s where we come in. Read more...

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Give yourself a chance 

You don’t need much gear to be active, but you do need something other than a suit and heels. Pack a comfortable pair of shoes, clothes appropriate for the climate, swimwear if possible, and even a skipping rope (it’s only light, and is great for a killer cardio workout!).

It starts on the flight 

We don’t expect you to be doing lunges in the aisles, but it’s a good idea to look after yourself in the air, so you can arrive in the best shape possible. Move, stretch, drink water, and wear compression tights if you’re really serious. Under your clothes, please.

Survey your surroundings

If you’re not lucky enough to be staying in a fancy hotel with a pool and fully equipped gym, look at what you have at your disposal. Be creative – take the stairs (again and again), and invent a series of weight-bearing exercises you can do in your room. Sit-ups, push-ups, dips, calf raises. (Tip – work out a program before you start. You’ll be more likely to stick to it).

Green says go

There aren’t too many places where walking isn’t a good option. It clears your mind, raises your heartbeat and introduces you to a new destination in a way that isn’t possible from inside a vehicle. If running is your thing, do that and you’ll see even more.

Prepare to eat smart

This is where many of us fall down. Food. When dining out, it’s easy enough to choose the healthier options, but it’s the between meals part where we get stuck. Expensive and typically highly processed, snacking on the go is rarely nutritious. Bring a selection of healthy snacks such as almonds, muesli bars or fruit from home.

Go easy on yourself  

Do your best to move your body on your travels. You won’t regret it. In fact, it can make the whole experience of travelling for work seem like more of a holiday. The hardest thing is to just get started. Once you’ve taken the first step, the rest takes care of itself.