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Corporate Travel Tips for the Young Professional

Are you a young professional with opportunity to travel with work? Our team have a must-read list of tips to make you an expert in corporate travel. Read more...

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Travelling with work can be exciting as a young professional.. if approached the right way. You’re new city, making new connections and have a world of opportunity at your feet. The world truly is your oyster.

Corporate travel can also be a tiring and time consuming learning curve. There are many lessons to be learnt.

We’re always hearing from our clients that they see corporate travel as a drag. We do a lot of travel ourselves so we know that yes, it can be a tiring at times….but if you know your schedule ahead of time, there are so many opportunities to make it more than a business trip!

At Globetrotter Corporate, we are experts in corporate travel. We have a few proven tips to help make you a pro for your next business trip.

Pack smart
Don’t even consider checking on luggage. You won’t want to spend time waiting for it and certainly won’t have the time to deal with lost luggage.
Plan your outfits. This may mean skipping bright colours in favour of a neutral palette. Gents, we recommend no more than one suit. Maybe express yourself with some patterned or colourful socks while you’re away? Ladies, pack a jacket or cardigan even in the summer and don’t even think about taking that new pair of killer heels. No one loves blisters.

On that note, we also recommend packing a stash of pain relief and band aids. You simply don’t want to be caught without and not have time to make a dash to find a pharmacy.

Know your destination
Know the airport you’re going to, where your hotel will be and where your meetings are. This will give you more downtime while you’re there!

We also recommend looking up a few great restaurants, coffee spots and places for after work drinks. Ask around for recommendations, your colleagues will love tell you about their city’s hot spots, they might even offer to take you out and show you their city. You might as well enjoy your time!

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have
It goes without saying that first impressions matter. By dressing to impress, you will create the best possible first impression, whether you’re walking into a meeting, out for dinner with clients or even in a conference room. Ditch the trackies or worn out jacket. Your bosses will notice that you present well and will be encouraged to introduce you to important contacts. Networking is vital!

Know your tech, but be ready to go old school
We know you love your iPhone, your laptop, your MAC, your iPad… the list goes on. We love our tech too, but technology fails. It runs out of battery. Cables break. WiFi drops out. We’ve been there.

Be prepared to charge your devices. There never seem to be enough power points in hotels, offices or conference rooms. Pack your power board. Make sure you also pack all your chargers (then check and double check!).

It is also worthwhile packing extra cables, such as HDMI cables, that you may need for a presentation. We also recommend transferring any presentation or conference material to a USB… and why not email it to yourself too?

The old school part? Write everything down! This includes all important information, such as key dates, addresses, contact names and numbers and times of meetings… just in case everything all fails at the same time or you lose your bag!

Eat right and sleep tight
You need to look after yourself in order to perform at your best. Pack a few muesli bars or favourite snacks that you can eat on the run.
It goes without saying that you should try not to fall into the trap of drinking all night and expecting to knock everyone dead at your 9am presentation. Sometimes getting a good night sleep is the best preparation!

Be ready to laugh it off
Sometimes everything just seems to go wrong. Just be prepared to laugh it off and enjoy the ride!

At Globetrotter, we are the experts in corporate travel. Book your next corporate trip with us. Move up in the world.