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Traveller Contact Information

Effective from 1 June 2019, IATA (International Air Transport Association) implemented a change to how Travel Agents must collect contact information that is to be communicated to airlines. Read more...

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There is now an industry standard format and mandate for the collection of contact information which enables airlines to contact passengers directly in the event of an operational disruption. Communication from the airline will relate to information such as a flight cancellation or delay, where the airline is best placed to communicate time sensitive changes, including any actions that may need to be taken.

Globetrotter will continue to share traveller contact information to airlines, either provided to us at the time of booking or stored within the travellers’ profile, in accordance to our privacy policy.

To assist in providing the best possible experience when travelling we recommend that all personnel with a Globetrotter traveller profile reviews their information to ensure it contains the correct contact details.

Please refer to your Client Relations Manager if you have any questions.