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Amanda Larsen

Corporate Travel Manager

Each day is a new day and the range of bookings and people I deal with is so diverse.

I have worked within the travel industry as a corporate consultant plus a travel manager for an Oil and Gas company for over 20 years.

How do you pick one? I love Paris, I love walking through the streets and viewing all the history one city holds.

I love knowing I have helped someone either fulfill a lifetime travel dream, ticked another thing off their bucket list, or made a corporates life as easy as possible in a very hectic world.

Think outside the box and visit those off the beaten places. It will make you appreciate how wonderful our world is.

Amanda Murphy

Amanda Mincham

Corporate Travel Manager

The great people I get to work with. We work together as a team to assist and support each other.

Coming from a background in hospitality, I was ready for a change and my passion for travel brought me to this industry. I have been working in Corporate Travel since 2008 and am looking forward to continuing to learn more in this industry in the future.

I have loved everywhere I have travelled. India would be up there as one of my favorites because of the culture, food and people.

Passionate about travel, food, music, football and inspired by friends and the people around me.

Pack light, then you have more room for shopping!!

April Denison
April Denison

April Sherry

Corporate Travel Manager

I love the team! The people are so supportive and friendly; always willing to give you a hand and help out.It’s a really great team environment and a lovely team to be part of.

I have had 7 years in the travel l industry after completing a diploma in Tourism and Business Management back home in Wellington. I started off in retail travel in NZ before moved to cruises in London, and then onto corporate travel here in Australia.

Sooooo Hard!!! Of course I have to say New Zealand!! There’s no place like home and the country is so rich of culture, natural and man made wonders Hold the sheep jokes Ha ha). Outside of New Zealand I would say I absolutely loved Berlin – so rich in history and culture and of course a few nice beers!

Being a kiwi girl, Rugby Union is a passion of mine, however since moving to Melbourne I’ve had to adjust and gotten on board the Collingwood bandwagon, (if my partner had it his way it would be Hawthorn. Family and friends inspire and motivate me and I love spending tme with those that can make me laugh. Trying to be more passionate about cooking – baking is really my thing!…and of course all things travel.

Tick the Box! Who knows if you will be back to that place. Get and and explore…wander and be immersed in the culture and environment you are in. Try to do everything possible and go home with no regrets or what ifs!!!

Ashleigh Kennedy

Corporate Travel Manager

The people! Everyone working here are very welcoming, approachable, helpful, friendly and they have a great sense of humour!
I enjoy coming into the office as it’s a happy environment, everyone works in synergy.

I completed my Diploma in Tourism with Travel Management Major in 2008, I have for Several years in tourism and travel in various roles. I worked for my local RTO in NZ, and in Travel Wholesale specialising in the South Pacific.

I also hold 2 other qualification in 2 other industries and have worked in those industry past several years, however my love of travel has pulled me back to the travel industry and I have found my place here at Globetrotter.

New Zealand, I might be biased as its my homeland!
I love the green of the land, the adventure and how picturesque it is there. The people and the culture make it a friendly destination.

Self-improvement, I am always looking at different ways to better myself in all areas of my life, I like to listen to inspiring podcasts and reading books that inspire me.
I am passionate about my family life and ensuring I am giving my children the best experiences that I can .
I am also a massive foodie; I enjoy the gym and walking. I love my dog and I enjoy traveling, writing, and watching true crime shows and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Talk to the locals, let them take you off the guided path and show you the hidden gems that not all tourists know about.

Bianca Parker

Account Manager

No two days are the same!

I have several years’ experience as a travel agent and in the events industry, blending my passion of creating remarkable experiences and making memories in incredible destinations.

Italy: the food, the fashion, the people, the culture… what is not to like?!

Seems a bit cliché but I am passionate about travelling! I really do enjoy experiencing a new way of life, seeing the sights and going off the beaten track, eating cultural cuisines, and exploring new destinations! When I do journey back home though, it does make me appreciate just how lucky I am.

Don’t underestimate a hop-on/hop-off bus pass in key destination cities. They are a great cost-effective way to get around and see hot tourist sights, with most having the added bonus of an audio guide giving you some context of what you are seeing and where you are.

Bob Moors

Bob Moors

Chief Financial Officer

The atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity and resourcefulness.

I am a Chartered Accountant with experience in a wide range of industries. My last two roles have been Financial Controller for Lionel Samson & Son Fremantle, WA and Quicksilver Diving Services in Port Douglas, QLD.

Home…because it’s where my heart is.

My family and the ocean.

Never let your guard down when it comes to your belongings; wear a money belt and always keep a spare credit card under the innersole in your shoe.

Brooke Clark

Corporate Travel Manager

The work environment is amazing. I instantly felt welcome, and it honestly feels like home. The people and culture make it a fun place to work at.

I have worked in the industry for 18 years, mostly in Corporate Travel. No one day is ever the same, which is why I love this job. One minute I can be booking a flight to Milan, then next day, I can be booking a car in Karratha. You are constantly learning which is always a good thing.

I have travelled to some amazing places, like Vietnam, USA, Singapore but my favourite place is closer to home. My family love to holiday every Christmas at Anglesea and we have created some great memories there.

I am passionate about my family and fur babies; they mean the world to me. I love baking when I have the time and I love immersing myself in a good book!

Take another form of payment with you and have your holiday funds separate to your everyday funds. That way, if something sinister happens, you still have money in your accounts!

Brydie Hargadon

Personal Travel Manager

After being out of the travel industry for 3 years due to covid, it feels great to be back doing what I love. Globetrotter has made me feel so welcome and I cannot wait to start making our clients travel dreams come to life.

I started my travel career in New Zealand when I was 19 and have since worked within the travel industry for 10 years. I love creating interesting itineraries with a lot of moving parts including flights, trains, cruises, and incredible hotels. I specialise in multi generational family holidays, honeymoons and being from NZ I love sending travellers there.

Sicily is one of my favorite destinations, and you may be wondering why. I love Sicily because of the culture, the place, the food, and also for personal reasons. When I was 16 I spent a year completing a student exchange there and I have many found memories from that time.

I am passionate about history, art and style, especially interior design and fashion. This blends nicely into travel as I love finding the perfect hotel to match the clients taste, seeing a Broadway show or visiting a world renowned museum.

Never eat in a touristy area or near a tourist attraction. As a general rule, I walk three blocks in either direction before I find a place to eat. The closer you are to tourist attractions the more you are going to pay and the worse the food (and service). If its full of locals then you are onto a winner!

Caitlyn Bishop

Corporate Travel Manager

Just a great bunch of people to work with, everyone makes you feel welcome and included.

Started my career in travel with Flight Centre back in 2018 as a leisure consultant, when I moved to Perth, I started working for Discover Australia selling wholesale package holidays before making the jump to Globetrotter as a corporate consultant.

Uganda – I was able to trek into the jungle to be with the gorillas and saw all the big 5 animals in their natural environments.

I’m an avid reader, last count of the books I currently own was over 1200.

Roll your clothes rather than fold in your suitcase, it takes up less space.

Calvin Yap

Corporate Travel Manager

Walking into a new office is daunting, a new environment, new faces, new technology. However, when I stepped into Globetrotter’s office for the first time it wasn’t the same as others. I instantly felt welcomed. Never have I seen such great community and team spirit, nor have I ever dwelled in such a friendly workplace which is why I love my job.

I’ve been immersed in the world of travel for more than 30 years. My passion for the industry extends far and is why I have thrived in such an excellent trade for such a long period of time. I have been lucky enough to travel to all corners of the world and meet a variety of people that I’ve loved to connect and bond with.

Japan! Why? Simple, from the bustling sleepless megacities to the quiet, reserved shrines and temples in the picturesque countryside, Japan has everything. No country is quite the same as Japan, the food, the culture, the people, no country is quite like it!

My passion is travel. I have enjoyed travelling the world, from the breathtaking historical streets of London to the futuristic city of Singapore. Travel opens your horizons and allows you to see and experience other cultures and sights firsthand. This is a driving factor for me as I want to ensure that others get the best to allow them to experience and immerse themselves in where they travel to, no matter what country is printed on their ticket.

While on holiday… MAKE SURE TO TAKE PHOTOS! Photos are one of the only ways you can remember a destination and even though it might be a burden to take that photo, that photo will eventually hold precious memories for you and loved ones looking back at it.

Christina Atkin

Client Relations Manager

We are ever focussed on improving operational efficiencies and providing exceptional customer service for our clients and our staff – people are the most important.

I’ve worked in sales and account management across the travel, technology, and design industries for the last 15 years. I’ve been lucky enough to travel and work across the world in London, New York, as well as all over Australia.

Florence, Italy. Its hard to choose just one Italian city as a food lover but Florence oozes romance for me and is such a stunning city.

I’m inspired by people who commit to and follow their passions, no matter the amount of hard work it entails.

Use Family Pooling with airline loyalty programs to maintain your status and get the whole family into the airline lounge.

Danielle Fisher Photo
Danielle Fisher Photo

Danielle Fisher

Personal Travel Manager

Firstly I love the team I work with, I feel very inspired by them. I learn a lot as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the travel industry. There’s a great team spirit here and while it’s hard work we definitely have laughs along the way!

Secondly we have fantastic clients which is great as we work together daily and therefore are able to build strong relationships.

I started my career in travel back in Scotland in 2004, where I worked for a Tour Operator in various roles in a business to business capacity. After travelling to Australia on a number of occasions for work and pleasure I decided to make the move to Melbourne in 2010 where I have since worked in Retail and Corporate Travel.

I honestly don’t think I have a favourite destination as I love places for different reasons, however if I have to choose one I would say Cuba, I went on holiday here back in 2007 and it really was like stepping into another world. The people were so friendly, vibrant and full of life and it also has stunning beaches so I was blown away!

I do love travelling which is why I got into this industry. I love learning about different cultures and try to experience living like a local when visiting a new destination. Another passion of mine is music, unfortunately I can’t play any instruments or sing (though I give it a good go) but I do love going to see live bands and gigs, Music is definitely good for the soul!

Take a multi power board! You will then only require one Travel Plug meaning you can use/charge multiple appliances at once!

Daryl Dickson

Marketing Manager

Everyone at Globetrotter is truly focused on providing the best customer service to our clients.
We have an incredibly passionate team who all support each other to provide the best booking and travel experiences possible.

My first job in travel was at an agency in London over 20 years ago selling holidays to Australia and New Zealand.
Since then, I have worked in several roles across retail and corporate including Travel Consultant, Supervisor, Operations Manager and Trainer.
I also have experience in the airline industry, as Sales Executive at Singapore Airlines and as Corporate Travel Coordinator at a number of oil and gas companies.
After completing a Marketing Diploma and Mini MBA, I now get to combine my 2 loves – travel and marketing!

Africa is my favourite place in the world and if I had to pick one country it would have to be Botswana.
Two of my most memorable experiences have been camping in the Okavango Delta and cruising on the Chobe River.
I still get goosebumps when I think of all the elephants coming down to drink in the river at sunset as we floated past!

My passion is travel and it’s also what inspires me. Since my first trip to Bali in 1995 I have been obsessed and wanted to see as much of the world as possible.
I love animals, amazing scenery and experiencing other cultures – and food! 58 countries later I still have many more places to see.

Patience would have to be my top travel tip – especially in these challenging times. Delays, cancellations, and long queues are never enjoyable, but it always helps to breathe and keep calm.

Dayna Durant

Fares and Ticketing Team Leader

I love how we all work as a team and there is always someone that knows the answer to your question and is willing to help.

I have worked in the Travel Industry for 8+ years in a Fares & Ticketing role, and I did a small 18 month stint working in the Mining Industry in Training Administration.

My favourite destination so far is Prague, for it’s amazing historic buildings and beautiful cobblestone streets.

Furr babies!!

Don’t rush it! Take your time to enjoy the places you travel to and to soak it all in ?

Ellen Sexton

Account Manager

The relaxed and happy vibe that’s in the office. It’s like walking into a nice warm hug everyday.

I have over 9+ years in the events industry with a background of Government so I have a broad range of professional experience. I also have great experience in hospitality working behind the bar, so I’ve seen it from all fronts!

Switzerland. It has such vibrant green landscapes, beautiful unique houses, and amazing mountains. It took my breath away and is so hidden from the rest of the world.

I love gardening. Helping plants and flowers thrive is my passion. The world needs more plants!

Go by train instead of plane within a destination. You get to see some beautiful landscape or tiny towns that you wouldn’t see by air. It’s also a lovely way to relax during your busy travel.

Emma Shannon

Emma O’Kane

Business Intelligence Specialist

I am from Scotland, so moving to a new country on the other side of the world was extremely hard but Globetrotter has made me feel like I’ve gained a new family. There is always the support you need when things get a bit rough. This is exactly the job I wanted and I am very happy to be here!

I completed a Master of Arts Degree with Honours in Business Studies from The University of Edinburgh. A couple of years after University, I was introduced to Crystal Reports Software and have worked with it ever since. My experience in Reporting and Analysis has been with various industries, including IT, Oil & Gas and now Travel.

My favourite destinations are Banff and Lake Louise in Canada.  The scenery is completely awesome and could not imagine having had a more amazing honeymoon anywhere else.

I am passionate about the food I cook and making everyone around me smile. Meeting my husband James has inspired me to see more of the world and do what makes me happy. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for him!

Make sure you stay super hydrated on a long flight, your skin will thank you for it afterwards! I always take hydration spray, moisturiser and drink plenty of water (in between my Bloody Marys and Champagne of course!).

Erin Swindley

Corporate Travel Manager

A friendly and welcoming team.

I have come from a background of leisure travel specialising in Australian holiday packages as well as the packages including the Ghan and Indian Pacific. Enjoying adding experience in the corporate side of travel.

Uluru – an iconic destination that should be on everyones bucket list rich in culture.

Always having a holiday to look forward to!

Take a change of clothes in your hand luggage.

Felicity Milton

Felicity Neary

Head of Client Strategy

I love working for a company that shares my values. In business it is common for there to be values written and posted on the wall, but few can really claim to live by and demonstrate these each day. Each and every day, all employees of Globetrotter INSPIRE our valued clients, suppliers, each other and me. Our values are: Innovative/Nurturing/Socially Responsible/Passionate People/Integrity/Relationships and Excellence in Service.

I have a great breadth of experience across the travel industry with many years in corporate travel behind me. I have worked at some of Australia’s largest TMCs including Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Corporate Travel Management. I joined Globetrotter as operations Manager in 2011 and completed my Diploma of Management in 2012.

Hoi An, Vietnam. This ancient town is exceptionally well preserved. Its’ buildings reflect the influences, both indigenous and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique world heritage site. The old town is a tourist attraction because of its history, traditional architecture and crafts such as textiles and ceramics. My recommendation is to stay on the outskirts of Hoi An’s old town, hire a bike and take a leisurely ride into town to sample all of the amazing Vietnamese food, culture and crafts.

People Management and Leadership, because it’s vital and I love to influence people and make a difference. What motivates me is the opportunity to help people improve their relationships and communication skills. I’m committed to my own learning and to the learning and development of others. For me, leadership development creates sustainable results and involves helping people squeeze the most learning from their real world developmental experiences.

If you are limited for space when packing, choose your hair dryer over your running shoes!

Fiona James

Corporate Travel Manager

I like the support and comradery from the team

All rounder with over 20 years’ experience in travel

Ubud, for its  blissful energy

Inspired by kindness

Don’t forget your passport

Fiona Prosser

Fiona Prosser

Chief Executive Officer

Every day is different. I love the people I work with, they regularly surprise and delight me with their camaraderie, attitude, professionalism and passion to succeed. It has been great to see the business grow and our people develop.

I have a strong hospitality background having previously been Business Development Manager and Rooms Division Manager at two of Perth’s leading 5 star Hotels. Within the travel industry I have held the role of National Account Manager for Woodside and State Manager and Regional Manager for Carlson Wagonlit Travel before joining Globetrotter as Managing Director in 2010.

I just loved bare boating in the Whitsundays a couple of years ago. It was a wonderfully relaxing way to see the islands and sailing on the tropical waters was a unique experience. The beaches were stunning, the clear turquoise water provided great snorkelling opportunities, exploring the many islands was fun and enjoying a delicious dinner with indisputably some of the best views in the world was sensational. I have never felt so relaxed, it truly was a  carefree holiday in paradise.

I am inspired when surrounded by people who are authentic and care about doing what is right. People who are prepared to give things a go and aim to be the very best they can be also inspire me. My personal passion is travel and I just love being in a different environment.

Ensure you have six months validity on your passport. Try every new experience you can because you may never get the chance again and there will be more new and different experiences to try next time.

Gai Santoro

Gai Santoro

Corporate Travel Manager

I love the team environment and how well we all work together. I also like the fact that we offer a personal, tailored service to our clients.

I have been in the Travel Industry since the late 90’s and have extensive experience in corporate travel with a particular focus on an enhanced customer experience.

Positano, Italy. I loved this village, it is set on the Amalfi Coast, in an enclave in the hills leading down to the coast and it’s such a magical place.

I am passionate about travel and love cooking, trying new recipes and entertaining others.

Choose an airline with the most comfortable economy seat on any given route and travel light, but always carry a spare fold up travel bag for additional purchases.

Ilda Loguidice

Ilda Loguidice

Corporate Travel Manager

The work-life balance! Working for Globetrotter means I still have time for exercise and quality time with my husband and furry kids!

I began my career in the customer service industry in 1999 and travel specifially in 2004. Prior to Globetrotter I worked for a travel wholesaler for a few years before deciding it was time for a new challenge in Corporate Travel and have been at Globetrotter ever since!

South Africa and Mauritius! I was lucky enough to spend my honeymoon in these destinations. I love Mauritius for the food, relaxation and beautiful sunsets! South Africa was amazing for the wildlife… our safaris are something I will never forget and believe it is a must for everyone to experience at least once! The wine, food and people are all some of the loveliest also. I’d also love to travel to Italy one day as this is where both mine and my husband’s family originate from.

I’m most passionate about my family, friends, fur kids, food and a good wine! There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting together with friends and family over a delicious meal, whether it be relaxed and casual at home or a nice night out to spoil ourselves!

Don’t cram too much into your itinerary because life back home is hectic and busy enough! Relax and enjoy your time away, and always leave plenty of time for a massage or three!

Ilja Battley


Globetrotter has always been a caring & inclusive workplace which has attracted the most passionate & dedicated people in the industry. When you see our product delivered with such fervour, belief and wisdom, you can’t help but be proud …its infectious.

I’ve been around the travel industry since I was young, enjoying a variety of roles from the technical/systems side to client facing and management. I’ve also worked in other industries and overseas. It’s given me a well-rounded view of the industry and a variety of tools in my bag to help solve the challenges clients face in the fast-paced, 24/7 business that is travel management. In particular, I love complex analysis and developing solutions that efficiently address issues in a real-world setting. Small changes can make big differences.

Indonesia. Born there. Love the food and people but try to avoid the more touristed parts (…but I still love Bali).

When things work quietly and efficiently it makes me buzz. Big account wins and sensational change projects are also great …but when things are working seamlessly and reliably with minimal invention …it’s a thing of beauty. Of course, market/supplier/industry changes eventually intervene, and you work hard to bring everything back to a productive equilibrium.

I always bring noise cancelling headphones on any flight over 2 hours. It makes inflight entertainment a joy and helps getting to sleep on those long-haul flights. They’re not expensive to buy these days (I can’t speak for the earbud and small headphone versions). I invested in a full ear covering, top-of-the-line pair. I only use then on flights (not for general use) and they’re still going after 10 years!

Jess Howes

Client Relations Manager

The people and the environment – It’s a great team to be a part of.

I have been fortunate to have access to a range of professional experiences – from travel management, team operations and mobilisation management to global business travel reviews and implementation. I am passionate about finding better ways of working and continuously look for ways to enhance experience.

Thailand, one of my favourites because of the culture the food and the people – we loved it so much my husband and I decided to get married there!

I love learning new skills, there is always an opportunity to improve your skillset in everything you do.

Put down the phone and try every new experience with your friends and family – be present and experience the moment.

Jessica Brunelli

Personal Travel Manager

I love the friendly environment it has: every day is an exciting new adventure!

I owned my travel agency back in Italy: I`m passionate about my job and give 100% of myself while organising tailor made trips around the world

There`s nothing better than visiting Spain and Portugal: people are all smiles; the climate is perfect all year round and there`s always a good excuse to go out for drinks with the locals and have a great time!

I’m passionate about fitness and travels: I can`t wait to be on another plane to literally anywhere, ready for my next adventure around the world! While I`m not travelling, I spend my spare time at the gym or at the beach.

Get lost in new places, organize every little detail, especially when it comes to insurance, but leave a bit of time to stroll around the destination with no plans, enjoying the locals and be part of it: it will lead you to an extraordinary journey!

Jessica Ireland

Head of Events

The people! Everyone in the team is so welcoming.

I have worked in the Event industry for the last 12 years in some way or another, I have worked in Hotels, Venues and as the client so I know the industry from all angles.

So many to choose from for so many different reasons but my favourite place to always go back to is Amsterdam, the city has such a variety of things to experience.

I am most passionate about travel and reading. I love experiencing new places and cultures, whether that is in person or through the words of others.

While visiting somewhere new try to set some time aside to just wander around the city or area. You can usually find some great authentic eateries or experiences when you step away from the crowd.

Jimmy Hun

Integration Specialist

The people, professionalism and unified work place atmosphere.

I have previously worked for an IT banking solutions provider as a computer programmer analyst prior to joining Globetrotter.

Straya! Growing up in Melbourne, I have witnessed so much cultural diversity, tasted a plethora of food cuisines, and experienced every season in a single day! Plus there’s still heaps more to explore!

I am inspired by the technological advances we make each year. There’s always a new toy to make our lives easier, and these innovations help keep me thinking outside the box

Always bring a power bank – you don’t want your battery going out at that critical moment 😉

Joanna McGlennon

Joanna McGlennon

Corporate Travel Manager

When I first came into the Globetrotter office, it felt home. I love the feeling of belongingness and the culture of “for the people”

I have been a Corporate Travel Consultant since 2007. I worked with local and global Corporate Travel Companies from the Middle East, The Philippines, Singapore and Australia.

I always love to visit Japan. I have been in Tokyo once and looking forward to visiting again and exploring more about Japanese culture and their amazing cities.

Plants – They make me happy! During the pandemic lockdowns plants and gardens made me busy and sane.

Always bring extra clothes in your hand carry luggage.

Joanne Macalintal

Corporate Travel Manager

When I first came into the Globetrotter office, it felt home. I love the feeling of belongingness and the culture of “for the people”.

I have been a Corporate Travel Consultant since 2007. I worked with local and global Corporate Travel Companies from the Middle East, The Philippines, Singapore and Australia.

I always love to visit Japan. I have been in Tokyo once and looking forward to visiting again and exploring more about Japanese culture and their amazing cities.

Plants – They make me happy! During the pandemic lockdowns plants and gardens made me busy and sane.

Always bring extra clothes in your hand carry luggage.

Jodee Sorrell
Jodee Sorrell

Jodee Sorrell

Head of Lifestyle

The fun and friendly group of people that make up Globetrotter as a whole create a great working environment. This along with my day to day interaction with clients ensures every day offers a variety of new and exciting opportunities.

I have worked in the travel industry for more than 25 years, the last five with Globetrotter in the Lifestyle Department. I have had a range of roles and responsibilities, including working in retail and wholesale travel as well as at airports around WA. From these experiences I am able to use my knowledge and expertise to ensure our Lifestyle clients fulfil their holiday dreams.

I can’t say that I have any one favourite destination, I just love travelling and experiencing as many new places as possible. Thailand is an amazing country so diverse with beautiful people, shopping, culture and relaxation all on offer.  My visit to South America recently has been a highlight with the magnificent spectacle of Iguassu Falls a natural wonder not to be missed.

I am passionate about my family, having the right work/life balance and trying to find some time just for myself. With three teenage children life is hectic at times, so it is important to always have fun and I try to do this with family and friends.

Allow enough time to see and experience a place and don’t try to do too much in a short space of time.

John Battley

John Battley


The people – the team at Globetrotter, our clients and our suppliers – make the positive environment that is the day-to-day culture at Globetrotter. It’s a pleasure to come to the office every day!!!

Accountant, Economist, Pharmacist, ‘People Lover’ plus 10 years in off shore Management Positions and then building Globetrotter Travel in Australia over a 35 year period.

Central Europe – France, Austria, Germany, Italy – in both the summer and winter. One can experience such a diversity of culture and experiences over such small distances with food, wine, skiing, climbing, canal cruising and incredible and endless history. It never fails to excite and impress me.

People – particularly those who strive and achieve within the Globetrotter Team.

Book with Globetrotter…we’re with you all the way!!!

Kara Mitchell

Corporate Travel Manager

Great team vibe and supportive working environment.

I have been in and out of the Travel Industry for more than 20 years. Working mostly in Leisure but now moved over to corporate.

Turkey! Every city/town is different and has such a surreal feel about it.

Doing and trying new things…. Trying something out of the ordinary.

Never visit the same place twice, there are soo many places that can be explored. Get out of the cities and into the country, that’s where the magic is.

Kate Chappell

Manager, The Incentive Lab

100% the people, everyone is genuine, down to earth and has a true passion for travel and ensuring our clients travel experiences are flawless.

With over 12 years in the event, sales, and marketing industry my background provides me with a unique perspective on how to create memorable experiences while driving business objectives. I pride myself on being customer centric and I am very focused on my client’s needs and how we can deliver for them. It’s a pleasure to now manage the talented event team within The Incentive Lab, we love creating extraordinary experiences.

So far Italy, such a vibrant culture and a beautiful way of life. Close second has to be Botswana, absolutely unforgettable.

Experiencing other ways of life, I love the escape from the everyday that travel provides, I’m inspired to help as many people as possible experience the world. I am personally inspired by my family; my husband and daughter mean the world to me and I love experiencing life with them.

Unpack as soon as you arrive and always ask the waiter for their top pick.

Kate Harcus

Corporate Travel Manager

I love the culture here. It’s a lovely environment to work in and I am surrounded by such knowledgeable and truly awesome people.

15 Years Experience in the Travel Industry, 4 years Retail, 11 Years Corporate

Canada – I love how at home I feel in the big outdoors and Canada is one big playground when it comes to hiking, swimming and climbing mountains. The Poutine is great too!

Fitness and Music.

I love the buzz of teaching group fitness… inspiring people to move and love the body they are in.

I love the thrill of performing in a theatre and entering a make-believe world and just letting go.

Don’t overpack… no one really pays attention to anything you wear ! Its amazing what you can live without when you are having a truly good time.

Kate Piesley

Operations Manager

The feel of working in a family where you all have one goal and you work together. You feel included not matter what your role.

Customer service, travel management

Hong Kong – the food, the shopping, the culture

I am passionate about customer service and am one of the lucky ones to work in an industry that is always on the move

Always pack a change of clothes in your cabin baggage, guaranteed your luggage wont go missing if you do.

Kate Simpson

Senior Account Coordinator

The people – everyone is a pleasure to work with and the atmosphere is always so positive.

I have a background in retail, where I was responsible for training new staff and ensuring customers were always satisfied.

That would have to be Ballarat – The old-style architecture and history behind it is amazing to see. It’s also close to the bush-land so you can see all of the native wildlife.

I am passionate about learning. There is always something new to learn and I hope I never stop!

Sleeping through long journeys is a great way to both make the traveling seem shorter and catch up on some sleep too!

Kathryn Madigan
Kathryn Madigan

Kathryn Madigan

Personal Travel Manager

Although I have not worked here long, I am looking forward to working in a dynamic and vibrant environment with a team of people who are passionate about travel and have travelled all over the world.

I started my career over 30 years ago in Adelaide and put the brakes on whilst I had children. For the last ten years I have been working at another local agency in Nedlands.

Canada in particular Banff, and the Canadian Rockies. Having been fortunate enough to live in Calgary for 3 years, The Rocky Mountains never cease to amaze me! The scenery from snow topped mountains, lakes, wildlife and wonderful outdoor activities that are easily accessible.

My four daughters and husband, friends, travel of course, excellent food and wine. I am also very passionate about all sport and in particular AFL.

Always allow enough time to explore each destination. You also need to have a carefree attitude, to allow yourself to be spontaneous.

Kendall Henderson

Corporate Travel Manager

What do you love about working at Globetrotter: Everyone is beyond incredibly helpful and are the nicest people in the world!

During high school I did work experience at a retail travel agency. After high school I went to Tafe and got my Cert III in Travel and half way through my course I got a job at Bristow Travel. I was there for 2 years before going to a TMC. After a stint in hotels I am now back in the travel industry with Globetrotter!

America! Especially Santa Monica Pier in California and New York City! Santa Monica is stunning when it’s sunny and watching the pier light up at night! New York is such an amazing city and getting to see all of New York City at the top of the Empire State Building was a tick off my bucket list.

I’m passionate about cross stitching, footy and travel!

Make friends wherever you go or make friends online, so whenever you go visit places, even if you’re travelling solo, you’ll always have a friend to meet up with and they can show you places you never would have thought about visiting!

Khush Suntoke

Personal Travel Manager

The people at Globetrotter are professional, friendly and caring. They all have a wealth of knowledge and are always willing to help.

I believe that to Travel is to Live and with that maxim I share with you the secret of my success. With 2 decades of cruise & luxury travel experience I achieve the greatest pleasure in creating bespoke experiences for my very special clients. My Love for cruising and my Master Accreditation with Cruise Lines International Association play a particular vital role in the memorable cruises I recommend and the trust and everlasting client relationships I build.

The World, there are too many amazing places to see and experiences to indulge in to put in a few words.

TRAVEL; TRAVEL; TRAVEL… “To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote, To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Anderson

Travel as much as you can and as Far as you can… Get good walking shoes and ALWAYS GET TRAVEL INSURANCE

Ki Tak

Fares and Ticketing Consultant

I love the company culture that allows and promotes free and easy communication with all different teams which I believe is the vital element in any thriving organisation.

I worked some 20 plus years in a few airlines including SWISS and Lufthansa and six years in other TMCs before joining Globetrotter. Fares & Ticketing was always alongside my career and I also enjoyed Load Control (balancing aircraft) and Customer Relations in airline sector.

I love Singapore where you can taste cultural diversity in a small but clean country, not having to travel long distance to experience different things. Another favourite place is Kaprun Zell am See in Austria, a heaven for summer skiers.

I like the word ‘improvement’. I think I feel more value when something can be improved from what it is rather than it is replaced by a new thing. It may be a piece of furniture, a work process or even the way you think.

Make sure you pack your important items such as documents, laptop, some handy clothes etc in carry-on bags and always expect the unexpected! It will give you peace of mind and let you focus more on travel itself.

Kim Chatto

Client Relations Manager

The Globetrotter team live by and demonstrate our core values every day. The knowledge and expertise that I learn from daily is invaluable. It’s a supportive and nurturing environment with everyone ready to jump in to make things happen but we still have a little fun in the process.

With over 20+ years’ experience in travel, I’ve worked across many different areas in the industry including events, retail, corporate and online travel technology but predominately my experience lies in strategic account management looking after corporate accounts from varying business sectors.

Without a doubt the USA. There’s so much to see and do from the big cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and then there’s the naturally beautiful side of the USA like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Sedona or Yosemite. I’ve been very fortunate to have travelled to the States several times and I always get to see something I’ve never done the previous time before.

I’m passionate about paying it forward and inspired by anyone who genuinely makes a positive difference – big or small. And of course – travel!

Travel light – you can always get what you need at the other end! Plus it’s an excuse to buy new things.

Kimberley Stuart

Client Relations Manager

The warm and friendly atmosphere. I have been given an overwhelming amount of support in my role from my immediate team and other divisions. The culture here is one that you feel connected to everyone in their respective role, the open-door policy is actually real.

25 years in the travel industry with experience in Business Development, Client Partnerships, Commercial and Contract Management and Project Management. Have enjoyed a variety of industry segments, from Inbound Sales & Marketing, Retail & Wholesale and for the past 14 years in Corporate Travel Management.

Africa – Rwanda to see the mountain Gorillas.
I was spoilt and given my number 1 bucket list experience for a milestone birthday. Spending the day with a family of mountain Gorillas in Rwanda is unforgettable in many ways. Breaking the “stay 4 metres away” rule almost immediately, the up close (at times frightening) experience of a Silverback and mother with two disobedient babies, gave us pinch yourself moments and incredible memories. The work and tireless effort of the locals and army to protect the future numbers of the Gorillas is inspiring. The cultural history, landscape, people and sites of Rwanda you experience just making your way to the Gorillas stands alone as a trip in itself.

It’s the simple things. I guess you could say I’m passionate about ensuring I take a breath and enjoy what I have in its simplest form. That I stop and enjoy the luxuries the Monday to Friday effort has provided me with the ones I love. I’m also blessed to have my partner who inspires me to take the risks and explore the challenges. Keeps my head out of the clouds and feet on the ground LOL!

My Mum always had a jar of Vicks in her handbag. It was her go to solution for everything, “just put Vicks on it, you’ll be fine”.
When I travel, I always have Vicks in my carry-on. Takes care of any nasty smells on an aircraft (you know the ones), takes the sting, and itch out of an insect bit, and makes a great go to lip gloss! – Thanks Mum!

Kristin Papadopoulos

Account Manager

The Incentive Lab team have a such a wealth of combined knowledge which really helps in curating the perfect program for our Clients.

For any Galas, Cocktail Functions or Product Launches requiring unique theming, entertainment and styling – I’m your girl!

My favourite destination would have to be Italy, there is just endless towns to explore and experiences that are sure to wow even the seasoned traveller.

I joined the Travel & Events Industry to feed my love for creating memorable moments. The opportunities I’ve come across continue to spark my creativity and I love sharing ideas with the team.

Always make sure you leave enough time to pack! There’s nothing worse than a last-minute scramble and forgetting some key items you will need for your trip.

Kylie Grasso

Corporate Travel Manager

Everything. The family like culture, anywhere that welcomes you to the company with cake you know your on a winner.

My work colleagues are all amazing and passionate about working for Globetrotter, and the clients! We are lucky to work with some

The last 12 years has all been in Corporate Travel. I have been lucky enough to work on all types of accounts which has definitely made me a more rounded consultant. As far as education in this field I completed my diploma in travel tourism and also my Cert 4.

South Africa hands down is an incredible place and a must visit. It has it all, adventure, culture, food, safari Parks. It was also a very humbling experience, travelling through the lower economic suburbs like Soweto makes you want to be better, do more, and appreciate all your blessings.

My family, creating the best life we can.

All must have items, ensure you take these in your hand luggage. Also, a comfortable pair of shoes.

Kylie Henderson

Personal Assistant to CEO

The people are so friendly and welcoming. There is a great amount of knowledge, expertise and professionalism here making it a pleasure to work with such outstanding people.

I have worked in both retail and corporate starting with consulting and then into managerial roles and client relations. I have thorough understanding on the processes from beginning to end for either a simple domestic flight or a complicated business trip.

There are so many, the world is such a beautiful place that deserves exploring. If I had to choose one it would be Prague at Christmas time. It is such a wonderful city to explore with many cosy hidden bars and restaurants. Every direction you look is picture worthy, it’s stunning. To top it off it has wonderful history.

Personally I am passionate about helping those in need through charities and volunteering. I love animals so any animal rescue organisations like the RSPCA and animal shelters like Shenton Park Dog Shelters are dear to me.

Know some simple greetings in the local language if it’s not English speaking. It’s amazing how much it’s appreciated if you try. Also, pack your bags and then take half out, you never need as much as you think.

Lana Stevanovic
Lana S

Lana Stevanovic

Corporate Travel Manager

There are several things I like about Globetrotter – the great culture, strong emphasis on the work/life balance and the incredibly supportive environment.

I have many years of industry experience in corporate, educational and online travel.

My equal favourites are Japan, Cambodia and Russia, for their people, cultural history and food.

Love, life, art, the chance to experience new things, sensations, feelings …and wine.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Lara Laface

Corporate Travel Manager

I love the flexibility it brings to my life, being able to have a great work/life balance of being a mum and enjoying doing something for me! Also love the culture of the office and it’s people.

Having been in the airline industry for over 15 years, I have many years of international airline experience which I bring to the team.

Favourite destinations have to be Santorini in the Greek Islands, love its scenery and its beaches. Also Dubai in the UAE, having worked previously for Emirates I have travelled here many times and love how glamorous its resorts are and how multi-cultural it’s becoming. Definitely a great place for a stopover enroute to your final destination.

I share a passion for sports, AFL in particular – The Fremantle Dockers. My hubby and two beautiful children inspire me each and everyday to be the best version of myself as a wife, mother and individual.

Don’t forget an international power adaptor for your destination – your phone, ipad or hair straightener will be lost without it!

Les Ritchin

Chief Information Officer

Working at Globetrotter gives me the freedom to do what I love and do it well. I really feel like I make a difference and that my work is valued and important.

I’ve worked in IT my entire career starting off as a techie and moving into management. I’ve worked for small business and multinational corporations; in industries ranging from healthcare to mining to outsourcing. I ran a service management consultancy for six years before Globetrotter enticed me to return to industry.

I love the South Pacific islands. There’s such a diversity of cultures, and a cruise out there is always fantastic fun. I’d love to do the East Caribbean next, and New York and the Swiss Alps are definitely on my to-go list.

I’m inspired when we set high goals and strive to achieve them.

Get up early and stay up late. You can sleep when you get home!

Lia Davidson

Administration Assistant

Everyone is very friendly, and the opportunity to work flexible hours.

My academic background is in Business Management. I worked in Administration for a while, and then I dipped my toes in Photography.

I love the forest. It is the place where you hear yourself better.

One area that I’m passionate about is self-development. I always looking to challenge myself and learn new things

Talk to the locals. They usually have the best advice and insider knowledge on what to see, do and eat.

Lilia Jovanovic
Lilia Jovanovic

Lilia Jovanovic

Accounts Payable

The people. All friendly, lovely, helpful and supportive.

I have been working in variety of administrative roles.

The Dominican Republic its a magical place on Earth. I love the crystal clear beaches, the food and the lovely people.

I am passionate about Fitness. I absolutely love running. Looking after my health and body is very important to me. I am inspired by my family and friends, so grateful to have such an amazing people in my life.

Don’t forget your running shoes!

Linda Wells
Linda Wells

Linda Wells

Team Leader

Globetrotter offers an extremely friendly , fun and positive place to work. I love being surrounded by like minded individuals who share my passion for travel.

I began my career in travel over 25 years ago in the UK. Whilst my experiences spans both corporate and leisure travel , my true passion lies in leisure travel . I take great joy in assisting our clients with planning and booking memorable experiences.

Rome – I visited Rome last year and loved wandering through the cobblestone streets discovering its hidden gems and indulging in the culinary delights from the gelato to freshly made pasta . Being in Rome was like walking through a living museum with amazing sights such as the ancient ruins of the Colosseum and Roman Forum to the absolute grandeur of the Vatican .

I love spending quality time with my family and two adorable dachshunds, Harry and Vogue !
Keeping fit and healthy is also important to me. I enjoy hitting the gym and love taking long walks with friends, such a wonderful way to stay connected and catch up .

Embrace local culture- try local foods, partake in local traditions, and make an effort to learn a few phrases in the local language.

Liz Emes

Corporate Travel Manager

The people! So willing to help, offer advice and walk you through things. They are all so friendly, across every department, it’s a great team culture.

I have about 15 years in the travel industry working for leisure agencies, small corporate companies and Global TMC’s. I spent some time in Sales roles in car rental and Conference Sales in hotels and resorts. My passion is corporate travel.

My favourite place on earth is Italy! The beauty of the beaches, the mountains & lakes, the warmth of the people and all the gorgeous food. Although being on an African Safari runs a close second!

Travel! Exploring new places with my family. I’m inspired by people who reach their goals through hard work and determination.

Always seize an opportunity to try something new when you are travelling. You may not ever be back. Oh, and always pack comfy shoes and lip balm!

Lori Burns
Lori Burns

Lori Burns

Personal Travel Manager

I love working in a team environment. Everyone is always happy to assist and share their knowledge. The office has a great vibe and culture I enjoy coming to work every day. It is very rewarding assisting clients with their  arrangements and being  a part of their travel experience.

I have been servicing the travelling public for over 25 years. I started with Thomas Cook in Toronto Canada, since then I have worked in New Zealand and for the last 10 years in Perth in a retail capacity. I bring my knowledge,  enthusiasm , inquisitiveness, attention to detail and puzzle solving skills to the Lifestyle Team.

There are so many wonderful destinations that I have experienced, so it is hard to choose. India- with its vibrant colours, noisy streets, amazing food and history with inspirational people. The Caribbean- as every island is a little bit different. Puerto Rico if my favourite island for its beautiful beaches, forts, rain forest and a variety of rums.  Sailing on bare boat charters in the British Virgin Islands, Thailand, French Polynesia and Tonga is definitely at the top of the list.

I am passionate about  traveling with my family and friends. There is nothing better than sharing experiences in different cities with the people you love. Making new memories always inspires me.

Always pack one change of clothes in your carry-on for the unfortunate event that your luggage goes in a different direction than you!

Marie Moore

Administration Assistant

The team are all extremely friendly, supportive and makes for a great work environment – It truly must be a great place if I’m back after 20 years.

Retail/Corporate Travel/Events and more recently (15 years plus) Administration

With an Italian heritage would have to say Italy especially with the great food from both Northern and Southern regions. The Italian culture shows us the importance of a balanced lifestyle and always celebrating food especially amongst family and friends, making this a priority, and who doesn’t need a siesta after lunch!

With my love of cooking am very passionate about how we fuel and maintain our health for longevity with nutritional food and exercise. Am always looking for wholesome food options where possible and love how food always brings people together.

If travelling with a partner remember to pack at least one change of clothes in each other’s suitcase in the event of lost luggage. If travelling alone do the same with hand luggage and suitcase.

Mario Blasius

Mario Blasius

GDS Administrator

There is always an opportunity to learn new things.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business from Curtin University, I took 6 months off to bicycle around the USA and Canada. During this time someone suggested Travel as a career and I have been involved in the travel industry in a variety of roles for most of my working life.

I don’t really have a favourite. I have been fortunate to travel to a lot of interesting places and there are still so many more places that I want to visit, so I guess I am still travelling in search of that one destination that will make me forsake all others.

Passionate people because their enthusiasm inspires me to try new things, grow as a person and find new passions.

Travel light – I have managed to get everything into a carry-on bag. For me the convenience of not having to check luggage and being able to catch public transport far outweighs the fact that it looks like I am wearing the same clothes in all of my photos.

Melinda Yates

Corporate Travel Manager

I love the small company vibe that makes a big difference. A working environment where everyone supports each other, and we are all in it together. I love that staff wellbeing is important and work-life balance is possible.

I have worked in travel since 2005 starting in a retail travel agency shop. In 2007 I moved to corporate travel working with the entertainment industry and arranging travel across all sectors from publishing, television, sound engineering, events & media, sports, films, comedy, and personal VIP travel.

My bucket list is long, but a favourite destination that I would revisit is Greece. Sea, sunshine, island hopping, amazing food, history & culture, you can explore as fast or slow as you like. The scenery is stunning, long warm summer days. Yes please, take me back. I’m looking forward to hiking the Inca Trail and exploring Egypt one day.

I’m passionate about my family and quality time doing all the things we love to do from beaches to sports, holidays and adventure, and being with family and friends. I love to travel and immerse myself in the local culture, discovering the history for myself.
I’m inspired by those who positively impact and make a difference in our world, especially individuals who advocate, support and recognise the individuality and positive impact of our Indigenous Australians.

Check your passport expiry date to make sure you have enough validity for the country you are travelling to.
Did you know your Qantas Frequent Flyer card can double as a Travel Money card? Load up some cash on your Qantas FF card to spend in up to 10 different currencies and earn Qantas FF points. It saves using your credit card overseas, bank fees, and potential fraud.
Most importantly have fun!

Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael Fitzpatrick

Operations Team Leader

The people! The passion! It’s a real team environment, everyone is proud of what they do and strives to be the best that they can. Working with such dedicated people brings out the best in everyone.

I’ve had over 20 years of experience in the travel industry working in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia in both retail and corporate travel.

Do I really have to choose! Ultimately I think it’s New York, stand in the middle of Times Square, do a 360 and you realise you really are at the centre of the universe!

My passion is Theatre! I love seeing a story unfold in front of my eyes and it always leaves me with a huge smile on my face! I also love to learn new skills in my profession. In the ever changing Travel Industry there’s always room to grow and learn!

Even if you don’t like planning it’s always good to have an arrival transfer booked. You’ll appreciate it after a long flight and it will give you some valuable extra time to enjoy yourself!

Oliver Chen

Accounts Assistant

It is always about the people! It’s such a wonderful team here, I’d love to work with people who are always energetic, and everyone here is full of passion and friendly.

I have been working in the taxation field for about a year, and, I have experience in different industries, real estate, accounting, retailing…

My answer is Japan! Especially Tokyo and Kyoto. Japan has a rich history, all kinds of food, and very special lifestyle.

Adventure and discovery, always looking forward to seeing and experience something different.

Don’t forget to set up or buy a new sim card before you travel to another nation. You get your fully armed phone; you get the whole world!

Olivia Weatherley

Account Manager

The fantastic opportunity to work with exciting clients and create unforgettable experiences both domestically and internationally.

Having worked in Events for over ten years, I have dabbled in a range of events from Conference, Incentive, Exhibition, Forum, Private functions, Virtual and Hybrid with clients ranging from Education, Automotive, Fashion, Broadcast Entertainment and more. My aim is to always go the extra mile to create the event of the clients’ dreams.

Prague! We visited at Christmas time when the markets were on and made the effort one day to wake up for the sunrise, I will never forget walking across the bridge and the sky being the most vivid purple.

Travel, being able to see wonderful new places, experience local food and seeing how beautifully diverse this world really is.

Always take more than one form of payment with you and separate them across your luggage, don’t keep all bank cards in one place.

Peter Fu
Peter Fu

Peter Fu

Operations Team Leader

Rachael Keller
Rachael Keller

Rachael Keller

Operations Manager

The people! It is such a wonderful, friendly and caring environment with everyone so dedicated to being the best they can.

I commenced my career in the travel industry in 2000 in the retail environment. More recently I spent 7 years working for a global TMC as an operations Manager. I was responsible for the hands on management of a large team including day to day processes and procedures and also people management. I have extensive knowledge of not only the travel industry, but also the resources industry including cyclone management and offshore travel. Before commencing my career in travel I was a qualified Veterinary Nurse (very different)!

I recently spent a month island hopping in Hawaii which was amazing. Highlights were the laid back island of Molokai, seeing the lava flow and a mind blowing helicopter tour of the Big Island.

I am passionate about seeing people strive to be the best they can be and I enjoy helping them to accomplish this.!

Rachel Paull

Corporate Travel Manager

Fun and friendly environment, Everyone is always willing to help each other.

Having worked in the travel industry for over 8 years I have had the pleasure of starting out in the retail sector.

Experiencing the joys of booking peoples dream holidays, plus also now working in corporate and using all the knowledge I learnt during my early years.

I loved my time travelling the east and west coast of America, I wish I could get back there and see it all again with my Husband !!

My family and my three kittens.

Always pack comfy walking shoes !!

Rebecca Austin

Client Relations Manager

The people! The amazing humans I get to work with inspire me daily. I’m very fortunate to be part of a rock star team full of industry, professional and overall life knowledge. I love walking through the door to the office every day and being greeted with warm hellos.

I have a wide range of experience, starting from a Corporate Consultant to Airline Reservations and Ticketing and a few Business Development/Customer Manager roles in different travel industry fields. All which serve me very well in my current role at GCT.

The Mediterranean. There’s just something about Mediterranean living – relaxing by the beach in Italy, Greece etc., having an afternoon siesta, eating fabulously fresh and delicious food, staying out at incredible restaurants, bars, and clubs till late – just to repeat it all again the very next day. It’s bliss.

Connection. I’m genuinely passionate about connecting with people and connecting people with the right experience, offering or solution to serve their needs/requirements.

Pack a compact/foldable bag in your carry-on and maybe even a second one in your checked luggage (the Longchamp Le Pliage Travel bag is my go-to for this). It comes in handy if you’re like me and tend to buy too much when travelling overseas or purchase some items at duty free or during your time in transit at the airport.

Rital Morjariya

Accounts Payable

My Manager – I couldn’t hope for a better person to work for.

I studied in India and New Zealand and completed my Master In Business Administration. I have worked a number of administrative roles and now enjoy being part of the team at Globetrotter.

Phuket. It reminds me of India. I love exploring places on scooter. It has a great night market.

I love cooking all sorts of different dishes and eating Indian street food and of course a bit of shopping.

Go to places where locals go.

Robert Basco

Robert Bacso

Corporate Travel Manager

We have a brilliant team across all aspects of the business, and we have honesty and integrity.

I started in the travel industry in 1996 with roles ranging from retail, leisure and corporate travel management.

Favourite destinations can be hard to single out. Cycling from Tibet to Nepal was a truly epic adventure. I saw stunning scenery every day, including Everest Base Camp, I met the most humble and hospitable people and fulfilled a lifelong dream.

I’ll admit to being mildly obsessed about food; it’s cultural influences and geographical history, shopping for it, cooking it and of course eating with friends and family.

Be a good ambassador, challenge yourself with new adventures, make an effort to learn some basics of any foreign language and be respectful of local customs.

Russell Cherry-Knight

Infrastructure Lead

I am proud to be working for a thriving organisation with such a strong customer focus who really offers a point of difference in the industry.

I have worked in IT for almost 25 years and in the Travel industry for over 10 years. Previously worked in various roles in retail, ISP, corporate and government but have found my preferred calling at Globetrotter.

Japan! It is interesting to see the many ways they have embraced western culture into their own by putting their own unique spin on it and I really love the ingenuity and thought they put into the everyday things. It is a beautiful country with friendly people who have a rich history, amazing historic structures and in my opinion the best cuisine. So much to see in such a relatively small country and you can just hop on a shinkansen and see it all.

These days it is definitely my family and all the wonderful adventures of parenthood… with a dash mixed in now and then of the occasional track day and living vicariously by following Formula 1 and V8 Supercars during the season.

Always carry photocopies of your ID and passport separate to your hand luggage….  and it also pays to have an emergency poncho on hand.

Samantha Dalton

Corporate Travel Manager

My colleagues. I’s a lovely fun, family atmosphere.

After 20 plus years in the Travel Industry mostly in Corporate Travel no one day is ever the same. Whether it’s booking a one way domestic ticket to a round world ticket, taking a truck on the Spirit Of Tasmania, booking sporting groups or finding missing items on a plane or in an airport lounge it’s all been in a days work in the travel industry.

There’s too many too chose from and the list keeps growing but a memorable experience was a trip to Oman in 2014 and racing through gardens at the Grand Mosque in Muscat to see Prince Harry.

Providing excellent customer service and making personal connections with our clients.

If you have a long connection time between flights check if the airport has a Lounge you can purchase entry into. It will be much quieter and more relaxing than sitting at a gate, you’ll be able to have a shower, enjoy some food, a glass of bubbles and possibly the same price if you were buying food and drinks from inside the terminal.

Sara Grant

Operations Team Leader

Globetrotter has a good work culture. It genuinely cares about its employees which is a reflection on the way it treats its clients.

Over 10 years’ experience in the corporate travel industry. Working for a variety of different clients such as mining, government, multi-national corporations to SME.

Anywhere new!

How the travel industry is heavily impacted by the social, environmental, and political elements surrounding a country.

Information is power. Stay connected.

Sean Farrelly

Fares and Ticketing Consultant

All staff work as a team. The flexibility to work in office or remotely.

40 years in the travel industry 30 years at Qantas.

Noosa, great beach, and restaurants. Direct flights from Melbourne.

I am inspired by Clint Eastwood still making inspiration movies at 92.

Take a change of clothing in your cabin luggage.

Simon Pewer

Simon Prewer

Senior Client Relations Manager

The best darn travel company, bar none…

I have worked in hospitality across much of Australia and also for numerous airlines as well as being operations Manager overseeing the travel programme of one of WA’s top 10 resource companies. I am now in Account Management, so I have been involved in many aspects of travel and met some amazing people along the way.

Venice, I want to be buried there although there could be a few challenges keeping me down..

Go Cats….Geelong, the mightiest football team.

Roll your clothes, don’t fold them, when packing.

Siobhan Brewster

Corporate Travel Manager

I like that each booking is an exciting new challenge, and the fantastic team.

I started working in the travel industry in 2016 as a check in officer at Perth Airport, before becoming a consultant in 2019. I bring international experience and an airline background to the team.

My favourite destination is Japan. It is easy to navigate and find amazing things to do and see. I love the culture and history.

Seeing the world and making the most of it by experiencing as much as I can wherever I go.

Wake up early for the major attractions to avoid crowds, and make sure you know how you are going to navigate before you travel somewhere. Google maps doesn’t work everywhere, sometimes the best way is with a local app or the public transport maps online.

Sonia White

Administration Assistant

My team, the people, and the company has such strong values in looking after its’ employees and clients alike.

I have many years of experience in accounting roles within the travel, legal and advertising industries.

Chile for its culture, food and scenery; the south was particularly breath-taking.

My partner and beautiful kids.

Travel light – you can always buy another bag for the shopping.

Stephanie Kohlhase
Stephanie Kohlhase

Steph Kohlhase

Head Of The Incentive Lab

The people. Talented, passionate, empathic, driven, with the goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations every time.

I am grateful to have spent 16 years doing what I love; creating once in a lifetime event experiences around the globe for amazing clients and brands. The past 6 years my focus has been at a management level, driving the strategy, and supporting my team.

I don’t know if I can answer this question – every destination I have visited has a special reason or memory as to why I love it. If I had to say right at this moment… The Amalfi Coast in Italy – pasta, aperol spritz and the ocean!

I am passionate about new adventures. I have travelled to 34 countries and can’t wait to grow this number.

Dry shampoo is lifesaving! All my fellow event managers will understand this…

Tania King

Tania King

Head of People and Culture

The team I work with; they are a bunch of bright, funny, supportive, creative and professional individuals.

I graduated from UWA with a Bachelor of Arts and then later completed a postgraduate in Business Administration. My working life has been colourful and varied, from journalist to restauranteur. I ran El Questro Homestead for a couple of years and then finally found my niche in Human Resources.

Anywhere in South East Asia – I love the beaches, the cuisine, the smells and the warmth of the people.

I am passionate about my family and friends and inspired by people who retain optimism through adversity.

Be curious, try new things and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Taylor Hyde

Corporate Travel Manager

My first impression of Globetrotter was the warm and inviting culture I received, and this has continued throughout my time here.

I started working as a consultant at a visitor centre then in a hotel in the city so this my first time working in the corporate travel industry and loving it! I have always wanted to work in travel and glad I have got to experience different careers within the industry.

It has to be Japan, the blend of culture, history and beautiful landscapes makes it the dreamiest holiday destination and a place I always miss is the mountains of Nagano.

This might be cliche, but I’m always inspired by travel and finding new destinations I want to visit! next on my bucket list is hiking in Patagonia or wildlife volunteering in Borneo.

Select your accommodation carefully, pack lightly and take as many photos as you can 🙂

Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen

Accounts Assistant

Globetrotter is not only a professional environment to work in, but is also like a family and our staff are taken care of very well with a healthy lunch each week, fresh fruit and birthday celebrations.

I used to work as admin in Vietnam and I came to Australia to get my degree in Accounting. I am working as an Accounts Assistant in the travel industry at the moment and I like the challenges this presents me.

My favourite destination is definitely Europe. My dream is to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, walk across the London Bridge and ride a boat on the Grand Canal in Venice. I admire the ancient structures as well as the rich cultures of Europe.

I’m passionate about getting the balance between work and life; my moto is ‘work hard and play hard’.

Get to know your destination first and then ask the locals for tips because they are always friendly and are often eager to help you out.

Tia Morrison

Operations Manager

The people and the culture. It’s like one big extended family!

I have over 18 years’ experience within the Travel Industry – predominantly in the Corporate arena. I am passionate about training others and creating efficiencies with technology in an Industry that is forever evolving.

Spain. I love the People, weather, language, food and architecture. There really isn’t anything I could fault.

I have a love for cooking and do so at any opportunity. I encourage everyone to have mentors in life and am fortunate enough to have had many great ones over the years.

Always use a Travel agent. You never know when you might need their expertise prior, during or after your trip.

Todd Wale

Corporate Travel Manager

The satisfaction I get from piecing together people’s travel plans, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

I’m a generalist with broad coverage across most areas, but my defining quality is my perseverance and willingness to explore options from every angle, until I find a solution that fits.

My own backyard: There’s nothing more relaxing and challenging than exploring the Australian bushland.

Fitness and healthy habits: challenging myself and others to reach goals.

Plan ahead, but be prepared for unexpected change, go with the flow.

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