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So how exactly do we do it?

Personally, and always in partnership with you

No anonymous call centres. No outsourcing. Just dedicated consultants who understand your corporate travel program inside-out, providing personalised recommendations, tailored advice and customised itineraries. And in the unlikely event there’s a problem, you have direct access to our executive management team.

Strategically, our services are aligned with your business objectives

While we provide a one-stop solution, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Your business and corporate travel requirements are unique, so our solution will be too – strategically aligned with your business goals. In fact, our KPIs are based on your business objectives, not our sales figures, so our consultants are focused solely on driving efficiencies for your business.

Proactively, which means we never stop looking

From negotiating the best rates and corporate agreements, through to helping you refine your corporate travel program, policy and buying behaviours, we’re always looking for ways to help you achieve your business goals and identify areas for cost savings.

Competitively – your budget is our budget

Whether we’re talking about travel management technologies or suppliers, we’re independent, which means we’re free to find the best solution and deal for your unique business requirements. Plus, because we have a flat organisational structure, with a focus on agility and low overheads, we’re able to minimise the cost of our service to you.

Because streamlining travel shouldn’t feel difficult.

Personalised advice and individual care define our service and customised corporate travel solutions, but we’re equally committed to looking after each other and community.

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Intelligently, using best-in-class technology to give you an edge

We select the technologies we use very carefully, so we can integrate our services and reporting data with your systems – expense management systems, accounting software, online booking tools, HR systems, everything. The result is an ever-evolving technology suite that provides you with:

  • Flexible booking and reservation tools, systems and options
  • Booking monitoring and ‘better fare’ alerts
  • Unused ticket tracking to minimise non-refundable ticket losses
  • Customised itineraries, right down to different languages and fonts
  • Real-time messaging, so you can locate and communicate with business travellers worldwide
  • Employee management and tracking tools, enabling you to improve safety, compliance and efficiencies, including rewarding smart spending
  • Travel reporting to help you reconcile accounts and identify cost-saving opportunities at every level, from air travel and accommodation analysis, to passenger location, benchmarking and executive summary reports

More data. More insights. More savings.

Transparently – an open-book approach to reporting

Reporting and benchmarking are essential in optimising corporate travel programs, which is why we’ve invested in technologies that support our commitment to transparent pricing, providing you with unparalleled monitoring, management and reporting capabilities that:

  • Give you 24/7 web-based access to your pre- and post-travel data
  • Provide insights into traveller spending behaviours
  • Measure your program’s sustainability
  • Enable you to identify trends and cost-saving opportunities
  • Drive down the cost of your travel program
  • Turn complex travel data into useful on-demand reports
  • Help you make informed decisions about your travel program and policy
  • Automate credit card, business and HR data reconciliations
  • Allow you to drill down to transactional level information
  • Means you can improve safety and minimise risk

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