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What We’ve Learnt In Isolation

It’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t been the year we expected it to be. It’s easy to list what we’ve missed out on through isolation, the events we’ve had to cancel and the things we miss, but something can be said for the time we have had to focus on other interests, focus on pushing ourselves and learning new things and the focus we’ve had to spend time with our loved ones.

To keep things on a positive note, below are some of the things the Globetrotter team has learnt in isolation. Read more...

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“ For my 4 year old daughter, I built a large-ish wooden play house (4ft high x 4ft long x 3ft wide) – it was our bribe to get her sleeping in her own room. For my awesome wife and the house, I built a compost/wormery out of wood. For me, my home office is now a 4 screen monster! We now also bake our own bread (almost) daily using no-kneed overnight recipe and blend up our own tomato sauce!”

– Ilja


“I have been taking my 4 year old daughter on walks around the neighbourhood as we back onto a National Park. We have a new appreciation of all the local wild life and how beautiful nature can be.”

– Rami


“I have been catching up with 1 friend at a time for walks, trying to do at least 5km a day.  I think my online social calendar has been so busy!  I also organised a surprise Zoom party for my Mum’s 60th birthday which was lovely ? I have also been doing online dance classes and cleaning anything I can get my hands on.”

– Danielle


“Originally I rode to and from work each day, but now I’ve moved onto a road bike and ride 30-40km per day, it’s become a complete obsession, but the fresh air and benefits for my fitness have been great!”

– Annabel